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Computer safety

Computer Help For Small Business

Wollheim Consulting Services offers straightforward computer problem solving, advice, and installations.
I founded Wollheim Consulting Services in 1989 to provide all the computer support services a small business needs. My goal is improved productivity through the use of the right software, uncomplicated setups, and an emphasis on ease of use.
  • Performance: Is it running too slow, or crashing a lot? I can help.
  • Purchasing advice: I'll help you buy the right equipment and software.
  • Installations: I'll set it all up for you.
  • Networking: Setting up and maintaining Windows networks.
  • Protection: I'll help you avoid data loss or intrusion.
  • The Internet: how to access and use it.


Questions? Call Bill Wollheim at 212-928-6677.  Copyright 2011
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