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Who is Bill Wollheim?

I am an independent computer consultant who has provided full-time 
support to small businesses since 1989.

What do you mean by "small business?"

My clients range from one-person home-based businesses (like mine) 
to companies with a dozen networked computers. Bigger than that, you 
need different services than those I provide.

What is your approach?

I emphasize reliability, stability, and usability. I strive to keep things 

What services do you provide?

I support Windows, and many common applications. I set up and 
network computers, upgrade software and hardware, help prevent 
things from going wrong, and help if things do go wrong.  I provide 
sensible, practical advice.

Can you provide all the support I need?

No. Which is why I am affiliated with consultants and technicians 
who provide services I donít, and who cover for me when Iím not 
available. These associates can create and maintain a web site
install network and telephone cabling, help with legal office 
management software, clean your HP printer, or train you and your staff.

What geographical area do you service?

I cover Manhattan.

How do you charge?

I charge by the hour, with  a minimum of one hour for an on-site visit. 
I do not charge for brief telephone callsóI want to hear from clients.

Do you service Macs?




Questions? Call Bill Wollheim at 212-928-6677.  Copyright 2007
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